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On reservations with Korean Darkrai, Dialga, and Palkia codes

>Welcome to /r/pokemontrades!

>/r/pokemontrades is a community dedicated to the trading of legitimate, legal, and uncloned Pokémon.

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  1. No trading of hacked, cloned, or illegal Pokémon. Definitions of these terms can be found in the legitimacy policy.
  2. Do not trade valuable Pokémon of uncertain legitimacy. That includes Pokémon obtained from Wonder Trade, the GTS, and passerby trades, and often includes trades on other websites or with friends.
  3. Full details must be posted when offering any shiny, event, or competitive legendary Pokémon.
  4. Do not discuss trades privately.
  5. IOU trades are not allowed. Reservation threads are only allowed within 2 weeks of the anticipated event.
  6. Do not be rude.
  7. Do not post trade threads more often than once per 6 hours.
  8. Content must be related to Pokémon trading in the core series 3DS video games.
  9. You must set your flair and tag your threads.

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