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The Rules:

|| :-:|:-: Only recent songs| With the exception of Throwback Thursdays, only songs and videos released within the last month can be posted. Check beforehand to make sure a song hasn't already been submitted, and you may only post one throwback song per week Click here for our rules regarding throwbacks, and always remember to use the 'Artist - Song' title format. No illegal media|Do not post illegal streams or downloads of songs/albums. Asking for or posting instructions on how you can get it is also not allowed. Bans will be given out for non-compliance. Non-newsworthy pictures|Picture posts that are not newsworthy are banned. You can post non-newsworthy pictures in our weekly general discussions. Pop music?|We are purposely vague on what we consider pop, as we believe you all are smart enough to realize what should and shouldn't be posted here. Usually we'll try to focus on more mainstream pop, but indie pop artists such as CHVRCHES or Grimes are free reign. Keep things civil | Please do not come here for the sole reason of harassment/flaming. Keep things civil. Use of discriminatory language isn't appreciated. Stale topics | Topics on our Stale Topics list are banned as they have been discussed many times. Please see here for our stale topics. Certain comments are also banned to increase the quality of discussion.

Use the tags:

  • [FRESH]: new music released in the last month.
  • [FRESH VIDEO]: newly released music videos
  • [DISCUSSION]: thought-provoking posts that start discussions.
  • [LEAK]: thread announcing that a project has leaked. No links.
  • [THROWBACK]: a stream/video of a song that is at least five years old. Only to be used on Thursdays.
  • [FRESH PERFORMANCE]: new live performances from recent awards/TV shows. No tour footage.

Thread Schedule:

Monday - Weekly Playlist Thread

Tuesday - Billboard Hot 100 Discussion, General Discussion

Thursday - Throwback Thursday, General Discussion

Friday - What Have You Been Listening To?, Roast Threads

Saturday - Recommendation Thread

Sunday - General Discussion

Monthly - Town Hall, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Best of /r/popheads Parties

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  • Saturday 1st: Free for All
  • Sunday 2nd: Free for All
  • Monday 3rd: Music of 2000
  • Tuesday 4th: Music of 2001
  • Wednesday 5th: Music of 2002
  • Thursday 6th: Music of 2003
  • Friday 7th: Free for All
  • Saturday 8th: Free for All
  • Sunday 9th: Free for All
  • Monday 10th: Music of 2004
  • Tuesday 11th: Music of 2005
  • Wednesday 12th: Music of 2006
  • Thursday 13th: Eurovision
  • Friday 14th: Free for All
  • Saturday 15th: Free for All
  • Sunday 16th: Free for All
  • Monday 17th: Ballads
  • Tuesday 18th: Live Performances
  • Wednesday 19th: Iconic Songs
  • Thursday 20th: End-of-Year Charts
  • Friday 21st: Free for All
  • Saturday 22nd: Free for All
  • Sunday 23rd: Free for All
  • Monday 24th: Chill Night
  • Tuesday 25th: Song Association
  • Wednesday 26th: Top-Played Tracks
  • Thursday 27th: Talent Show Stars
  • Friday 28th: Free for All
  • Saturday 29th: Free for All
  • Sunday 30th: Free for All
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