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Porn Videos, Streaming Porn, NO SPAM (/r/pornvids)

> ##REMINDER: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.

A NSFW community for sharing porn and sex videos, with active moderation to keep down on spam and gaming.


You MUST use one of these formats:

This is your title [tag1] [00:00]  
This is your title [tag1 00:00]  
This is your title [tag1 0min]

There must be at least one tag inside the brackets
There must be a time listed inside the brackets

More info here


  • Requests are now being sent to /r/pornID and /r/tipofmypenis. Requests will be removed here. Use descriptive titles, and don't forget your tags!!.

  • Only post from approved sources. Due to ridiculous spamming, we are only accepting links from these approved sources.

  • Tag your post with run length and type of video - list of tags here

  • If you report a post, please message a moderator with the reason why. A simple report with no reason will be ignored unless we see a very obvious reason for the report.

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