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Post Processing

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Welcome fellow colorists, retouchers, and photographers!

By using programs such as Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture, you can transform your photos - enhancing the subject, fixing composition, and setting a mood. By submitting your RAW files for help, edits for critique, and questions about processing, the reddit community will be able to help you create an amazing final photo.


  • When asking for help editing one of your photos, you must also include your attempt. Simply asking for others to edit your photo for you, without putting in the effort to make an attempt yourself will result in your post being removed.

  • When you submit a photo, be sure to include both a JPEG and RAW file (if available). The JPEG will let us preview your shot without downloading it, and the RAW will allow us to edit it more effectively.

  • When you make adjustments to a photo, include the steps you took or take a screenshot of your settings. This will let the OP see how they can better edit their pictures.

  • This is not the place to show off your photos. /r/postprocessing is for help with editing your photo, linking to information about post processing, and sharing tips with the community. To share a picture, visit /r/photocritique, or /r/pics. Posts not related to post processing should go in /r/photography.

  • This subreddit is for photography only. Post processing for video should go to /r/filmmakers.

  • If several minutes have passed and your submission does not appear under NEW, try messaging the moderators, it was probably stopped by the spam filter.

  • No joke posts, memes, or rage comics, please. We'd like to keep this subreddit for serious discussion only.

  • Please mark all NSFW posts. NSFW images that are not tagged will be removed.

  • No piracy related posts (asking for presets, trading presets, offering presets, etc...)

  • As always, use proper reddiquette.

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Uploading RAWs:

There are various places around the web you can use to host RAW files. We recommend...

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