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Pranks : A Catalog of Great Pranks

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Welcome to /r/Pranks!


  1. Do not solicit ideas for pranks.
  2. We love content creators, therefore only original content will be allowed. All submitted links must be the original source.

  3. No blogspam is allowed.

  4. Clickbait titles (e.g. "EPIC PRANK," "BEST PRANK EVER," etc.) are not allowed. Please use titles that describe what the prank is.

  5. Do not give the punchline away in the title.

  6. No flaming. Especially of original content creators. Instead offer constructive criticism. The goal here is better pranks.

  7. Do not post personal information. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles (and screenshots that contain names and pictures of social media profiles) and websites that link to the personal info of others.

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