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Pretty altgirls

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A SFW subreddit for pretty alternative girls or "alt" girls. Some skin's alright but nothing too racy and NO NUDITY!

The emphasis should be on the girl's face and obvious body modifications such as hair, piercings, outfits, and tattoos. Otherwise things that fall into the "alternative" category of style and fashion. Don't post photos if they have little going on for them and don't look like they'd fit in with the content here. Ladies are encouraged to post pics as well.

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And please stop by my younger sister subs /r/PrettyTalentedGirls! and the newer /r/GirlsAreAwesome!


  • If the girl has a Deviant Art, Instagram, Facebook or any other page for promotional purposes, do your best to link to it.

  • Don't be a creep. One goal of this subreddit is to have a healthy following of women who want to post SFW pics.

  • ALT/NOT ALT. Posts should have physical and blatant alternative styles exhibiting tattoos, dyed hair, make-up, outfits, and so on. If a girl has a single tattoo on her wrist or a mild color streak in her hair or just an outfit without other features then those types of posts shouldn't be considered "alternative" and therefore not for this subreddit. They will be taken down.

  • If you are posting a photo of yourself, you can choose to mark it with a [Self] tag. All other submissions are assumed found.

  • If you come across your image which someone else has posted without your permission, and you do not feel comfortable with it being here, message /u/PlasticSky with some type of proof it's you and I will take it down.

  • Duck faces are ugly. Don't post them.

  • Nobody under age. This happens accidentally from time to time. Either message me or report it with some explanation to go along with why you know.

  • Be friendly. Don't be malicious. Use downvotes to express displeasure toward irrelevant or unhelpful content. Follow Reddiquette.

  • This subreddit is meant to have a wide variety of styles and women. Remember that others may enjoy what you do not.

  • See a girl you like but there's no other source? Try Google Image Search. Click on the camera icon to select "Paste Image URL" and you're on your way. Further photos not guaranteed.

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