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Written Science Fiction in all its forms.

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A place to discuss published SF

Not sure if something is SF? Then post it! Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alt. History, Postmodern Lit., and more are all welcome here. The key is that it be speculative, not that it fit some arbitrary genre guidelines.

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The Zeroth Law: Our guidelines were designed to foster a diverse and welcoming discussion community while avoiding drama, flamewars, and promotional activity. All mod actions will be taken with these goals in mind. For more explanation, see our rules wiki page.

Be civil. Don't be a dick or a bigot. If you see uncivil behavior, downvote, report, and move on.

Linking to r/printSF on any meta or drama subs will lead to a ban.

Don't enable or encourage piracy. Support the artists whose work you enjoy!

No self-promotion. See r/writing , r/scifiwriting, and r/fantasywriters for critiques. r/sfstories for stories. r/freeEBOOKS and r/bookdownloads for ebook promotions. r/scifi and r/sciencefiction for blogs.

Do not make image posts, or otherwise fish for karma. If it's worth posting, it's worth posting as a self-post with context. See r/SpecArt for SF art.

Print SF can include books, stories, ebooks, graphic novels, comics, webcomics, manga, radio plays, music, and more. Posts primarily about TV shows, movies, or short films will be removed, even adaptations. Do not complain about works not fitting your personal definition of "science fiction".

Spoiler tags are courtesy, not required. Comments with spoilers will not be moderated, and hidden spoilers are discouraged in discussions about individual books. Use common sense when reading about a book or author you don't wanted spoiled.

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