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news about prisons and reform efforts being undertaken

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Systemic abuse in prisons- rape, neglect, and torture, occur in many countries, both developed and developing. Politics often gets in the way of effective solutions to dealing with issues such as violence, overcrowding, and recidivism in prison.


Join the discussion of abuse in the "troubled teen" bootcamps at /r/troubledteens!

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Are you sick of being a parent? Throw your kids away.

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A basecamp from which to share news, experiences and actions to take against institutional child abuse.

The "Troubled Teen" Torture Industry — A Primer for Newcomers

If you are a teen or parent who is troubled or in crisis, post here. We will help you find alternatives to prison camps.

Are you a survivor? Are you a parent that has been fooled by the troubled teen industry? Have an idea how to save children from institutionalized child abuse? Share your stories and ideas here.

[What can you do to help?]

Send a message to your legislators that you want federal regulation!

Share this primer about the Troubled Teen Industry across all of your social networks. Awareness is key!

We believe...

Tenet 1. Families with 'troubled teens' often have other issues that need to be fixed. Any therapy that excuses parents and blames the child may be a fraud.

Tenet 2. Any program referring to 'troubled teens' may be a fraud. Why?

Tenet 3. Any program that rushes you into making a placement decision, may be a fraud.

Tenet 4. Any program that tries to get you to ignore the financial impact of a troubled teen facility may be a fraud.

Tenet 5. Any troubled teen program that advises you to ignore your child's complaints about abuse or injury because your child is trying to 'manipulate' you, is a potentially abusive program.

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