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fringe eating support and discussions

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^Please ^use ^this ^BMI ^calculator^; ^learn ^how ^and ^why^.

Welcome to proED!

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An eating disorder is a serious mental illness.

It IS NOT a lifestyle choice.

It IS NOT a diet.

This IS NOT a dieting subreddit.

Users treating this sub as such will have their posts and comments removed.

This is a support subreddit for those who are suffering with an ED or disordered eating behaviors but are not ready for recovery. Please respect that.



Your weight--whether up or down--does not dictate your deservedness of support, nor does it accurately express the true inner struggle you're dealing with.

You are never ever "not sick enough" to seek mental health help ♡♡



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  1. Threads asking for diet tips and/or advice on developing an ED, becoming anorexic, and similar "how-to" threads are forbidden.

  2. Posts asking for accountability/Ana/fasting buddies will be automatically removed. (MFP/FitBit friends ok!)

  3. Do not comment on another user's health. Evaluating comments such as, "You do/do not have an eating disorder," will be removed. Comments such as "You're so unhealthy," and, "You're too skinny," are unacceptable.

  4. Asking for or giving members any sort of diagnosis is not allowed in this sub. Please seek the advice of a licensed medical professional if you're seeking (or are concerned with) a diagnosis.

  5. Do NOT tell others to seek recovery. Offering unsolicited advice to recover is a bannable offence.

  6. Re: Selfies and progress pictures - Members may not ask other members to comment on whether they are fat or skinny. There are other subs for that kind of feedback. Please be cautious and post at your own risk.

  7. Off-topic and low-effort posts will be removed.

  8. All posts need to be flaired. Use when linking to another subreddit.

  9. Harassment (name calling, rude PMs, weight discrimination, etc.) will not be tolerated. See here if you receive a harassing PM.

  10. Follow Reddit's rules and guidelines.

  11. Have any questions or concerns? PM the mods.


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Scheduled Posts

  • Every week:
  • [Sunday] Recipes + hauls
  • [Monday] Stats update
  • [Tuesday] Self-care + beauty
  • [Wednesday] Small achievements
  • [Thursday] Emotional support
  • [Friday] Selfies, progress + OOTD pics
  • [Saturday] 'Stupid' questions
  • [Daily] Food diary


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  • PM us if you would like to be banned (some users seeking recovery finds this helps).


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