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Programming Horror: Sharing the WTFs

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All posts must have code. This is not /r/talesfromtechsupport nor is it /r/learnprogramming

Programming Horror is where developers come together to revel in the idiocy of our peers.

This subreddit is meant for sharing funny programming related stories and strange or straight-up awful code. Make sure to try and make your submissions contain a funny or interesting narrative. Take a look at The Daily WTF for an idea of the kind of content that we're interested in.

For the sake of not being mauled by rabid lawyer bears, please make sure to anonymize your stories - changing the names of people and companies.

For code examples, indent all your lines with 4 spaces to make it more readable:

foo = 'bar'

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  • badcode - When you don't have a story to go along with the horrible, horrible code.
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