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The following suggestions are designed to make /r/punk a healthy community and vital resource:

  • News, interviews and tour dates are encouraged — especially if it helps to spur interest at the local and international levels. In-depth discussions on all aspects of punk culture, from DIY projects to neighborhood bands, are even better.

  • Adding info to your song posts — genre, location, year — gives us an incentive to check out your submission and makes it easier for us to discover bands in our neighborhoods.

  • Repetitive discussions on stale topics — What’s the meaning of punk? You’re not a punk if you do X, Y and Z — will be removed, as will well-known songs by popular bands that any punk will surely be familiar with.

  • To give discussion posts better visibility, refrain from posting image macros, memes and other low-effort content; visit /r/punkmemes or /r/punkshots instead.

  • Use the search function and scan the sidebar before you post.

  • As a submitter, expect blowback from the community and be prepared to engage your critics. As a commenter, add more to the discussion than a sneer and a downvote.

  • Follow [reddiquette] ( Downvote content that contributes nothing to the community — not stuff that differs from your personal tastes. Unnecessary downvoting chokes varied content creation and discourages unique submissions.

  • Posting more than five songs a day is considered spamming and is a bannable offense.

  • Check the /r/punk wiki for more information and resources.

The Blacklist Experiment

Posting of songs or albums (Including live recordings, covers, and rarities) from blacklisted bands is limited to Thursday. New music and covers of blacklisted songs are allowed anytime.

||Blacklist|| :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: Bad Brains|Bad Religion|Black Flag Blink 182|Choking Victim|The Clash Dead Kennedys|Descendents|Green Day Leftover Crack|Minor Threat|Misfits NOFX|The Offspring|Operation Ivy Pennywise|Ramones|Rancid Sex Pistols|Social Distortion|★


Everything you need to know about local scenes. Got an idea? Make a post, [let us know] ( and we'll add it below.


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  • New Music Mondays are dedicated to music that was made within the past 3 years and on Favourite Fridays we discuss one classic album

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