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Punk Subculture

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>This is a place devoted to the discussion of punk music, history, art and aesthetics, and philosophy as a subculture. This is a place to talk about the various contemporary and historical punk scenes as a whole.

>The following should provide some guidelines for the type of discussion we hope to foster here. Bring your creativity and crazy ideas about punk, "subculture", etc. out to share and explore.

>We envision this sub as a place in which focus can be placed on:

>1.) drawing comparisons between global scenes past and present,

>2.) identifying and celebrating their uniqueness,

>3.) and perhaps with a critical mass of impassioned participants we can stumble into a greater understanding of the underlying foundations of punk: it's roots, proliferation, and continued persistence

>Discussion of punk scenes and punk history all around the world are encouraged here. Feel free to post questions or anything relating to the punk subculture. An acute knowledge of this year's boutique lit crit academic, the book that got them tenure, and what they'd say about punk music is absolutely not necessary to participate here. Your own expertise, impressions, and experiences shared in any number of formats (be it a series of photos, videos, wall-of-text description/discussion) are all that is needed to make a positive contribution to this project.

Join us on and join #punksubculture

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