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Pure A Song of Ice and Fire - "We Do Not Show"

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/r/PureASOIAF is devoted to the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and associated written works by George R.R. Martin. This subreddit focuses only on the written works and does not allow content from the popular HBO series "Game of Thrones".

Spoiler Policy

The sub is dark and full of spoilers.

/r/pureasoiaf employs a novel Spoiler Policy that includes an automatic "Spoilers Default" tag which covers up to A Dance with Dragons, all published novellas, The World of Ice and Fire, and extraneous information up until that point. If your content falls within this scope, feel free to add no tags to your post and let the default tag do its thing.

Optional book-specific submission tags are available.

All submissions with material from The Winds of Winter must be explicitly tagged.

Read our spoiler policy in full.

To make a comment spoiler tag, use: [Spoilers ADWD](#s "This is my spoiler.")

It will display as:

Spoilers ADWD

Looking to read TWOW early-release chapters?


Discussion Policy

This subreddit is focused only the written ASOIAF universe. Posts that include discussion of the popular HBO adaptation Game of Thrones will be removed. Moderators employ a zero tolerance policy.

Read our discussion policy in full.

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