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> ##New To Quilting? Start Here!

> Start with our FAQ if you have any questions about quilting. Our Wiki covers it start to finish and lots of stuff in between.

>Check out our sewing machine buying guide for tips on getting a good machine as a beginner.

>Loops happening on the underside of your fabric? Check out Troubleshooting 101

> ##Rules Please add topic flair to your posts after submitting > 1. Please follow reddiquette and use your upvotes and downvotes accordingly. Report offensive or spammy posts so the moderators can review them. "What does everyone think" or "Upvote if..." posts will be deleted. 2. If linking to a single image please link to the image itself and not a blog or tumblr link. Please see the tutorial on how to post photos to reddit if you aren't sure how to do this. 3. For Blog links please refer to reddiquette and be respectful to not spam the sub. If your blog post only shows one or two photos you should use imgur to make a reddit post to share them. See rule #2 for a tutorial on how to do this. Users that only post links to their blog or website and do not have a history of participating in other /r/quilting posts will be given a warning before they are banned from posting. 4. Giveaway posts are allowed. Please tag the post so people know what countries are eligible to enter I.E. - [US] [International] etc. Also put the entry deadline in the title. It should be very clear how to enter the giveaway in your post. The mods appreciate a heads up before giveaways are posted. 5. Posting Direct Links to your Etsy site or another Sales site where you sell stuff are not allowed. Exceptions: Massdrop or other group buy websites (no referral links). Etsy or other sale links are okay in the weekly Steals/ Deals/Destash thread or if you are replying to another user looking to purchase an item you make or have for sale in your shop. If a user is asking where to purchase a pattern you used to make a quilt or a block it is okay to share a link where others can purchase the pattern. 6. Sharing or PMing copywritten patterns strictly prohibited. - Patterns purchased online or at quilt shops cannot be copied/shared with other users. Users found to be sharing patterns that are copywrite protected will be banned from the sub. Please support your patternmakers by recommending where others can purchase patterns you've enjoyed if asked.

> ##Subreddit Activities

> Each week we have regular activities in the sub and we encourage you to participate by tagging your posts. > [Help] Problem-Solving - A weekly thread that usually begins on Monday. Post any and all questions here so other members can help problem solve with you. * [WIP] Works in Progress - Share your Works In Progress with us! Link your blog or link to an album on a photo host like Imgur. Stick around to answer questions about your projects - we wanna hear all the details. [OT Chat] Off Topic Chat - a semi-regular thread allowing the redditors of /r/quilting to get to know each other. [FFF] Finally Finished Friday - did you finish a project this week? Share with us. (Finishes are allowed to be posted at any time! [QA] Quilt Along - any and all posts pertaining to the current Quilt Along should be tagged so we can easily follow. [FC] Friendly Critique - users can post upclose photos of their work and receive tips and feedback on how to improve their technique in a friendly manner.

> ## Quilt Alongs

>Super Mario Quilt Along - join our sub and make fun super mario themed quilt blocks each month!

> Desert Bloom Quilting - Quilt Along - New clues every week! Ends 5/27/16

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