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> ##New To Quilting? Start Here!

> Start with our FAQ if you have any questions about quilting. Our Wiki covers it start to finish and lots of stuff in between.

>Check out our sewing machine buying guide for tips on getting a good machine as a beginner. Also check out the Mega Sewing Machine Review Thread for all your machine selection needs.

>Loops happening on the underside of your fabric? Check out Troubleshooting 101

> ##Rules

See full rules on the wiki page.

Please add topic flair to your posts after submitting > 1. Follow reddiquette and use your upvotes and downvotes accordingly. Report offensive or spammy posts so the moderators can review them. 2. If linking to a single image please link to the image itself and not a blog or tumblr link. See the tutorial on how to post photos to reddit if you aren't sure how to do this. 3. For Blog links please refer to reddiquette and be respectful to not spam the sub.
Giveaway posts are allowed. 5. Links to websites for personal direct sales (Etsy shops, Ebay, Personal Websites) should be kept in the bi-weekly "Steals, Deals and Destash" thread. Exceptions: when another user asks for a link to buy an item or pattern in a post it is okay to link your information there. 6. Sharing or PMing copywritten patterns strictly prohibited. 7. Posting stolen work (virtual or real) will result in a permanent ban.** This includes: posting a photo of quilts not your own yet claiming it is yours, posting about a quilt in any form you stole from someone else, or posting stolen patterns or tutorials.

> ##Subreddit Activities June 1st through August 1st > #### Skillbuilder Challenge - Freeform Curve Piecing August 1st through September 30th > #### Block Interpretation Challenge - Antique Tile Block November 1st through December 31 > #### Handmade Holiday Challenge

> Related Reddits: > /r/quiltingswap /r/quiltingforsale /r/crafts /r/sewing /r/fabric /r/random_acts_of_fabric

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