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dismantle white supremacy

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Welcome to the anti-racism community on Reddit, a safe(r) space for People of Color and their supporters.


  1. Everything that occurs in this community furthers the Community Goal and Principles.

  2. Community members respect each other and cooperate in upholding the Community Goal and Principles.

  3. Oppressive actions and attitudes have no place here. This includes but is not limited to the axes of sex, race, class, and disability.

  4. We do not tolerate harmful behaviors. This includes trolling, derailing, stalking, threats, and harassment. Do not post personal information.

  5. Links to posts or comments in other reddits are removed automatically. If you feel it is pertinent, send a message to the mods for approval. Incoming brigades are banned with zero tolerance and are reported to admins.

  6. Meta posts must have prior moderator permission. If you wish to discuss moderator actions or rules, send a message to the mods. Replies to a moderator request other than understanding cooperation will be removed. Private messages sent to individual moderators in their capacity as a moderator will be disregarded.

  7. Disengage with users who do not follow these guidelines and report them. If a user is not following the guidelines moderators will take action.

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