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Welcome to /r/ramen: Your source for Authentic Japanese Ramen and Instant Noodles alike! A place to discuss all things Ramen!

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Rules of Conduct:

  1. Please tag your post with the "Fresh" or "Instant" tag depending on the content.

  2. Please be kind to your fellow ramen slurpers. We're all here to enjoy ramen in its various forms. Rude comments and posts will be removed. Continued offenses will result in being banned.

  3. Downvotes should be reserved for rude or off topic posts. If you disagree with a post, state your opinion. Dialogue is better than a nameless downvote.

Please let the mods know via mod email if you see any violations of the rules above. We try to be aware, but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

New to the world of ramen? Check the following links below!

Serious Eats Guide to Ramen Styles

Want to make your own ramen from scratch? Here are some recipes:

Click here for a simple infographic on what to do with your instant noodles!

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