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RAOCSGO: Make someone's day!

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Make someone's day!

Random acts of gifting items for the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Make someone's day a bit better here, and maybe get a gift yourself.

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  • Create a thread detailing what you're giving away and how you're giving it away.

  • If your post doesn't appear, message modmail.

  • Don't forget to include your Steam profile link.

  • If you do a giveaway only for people with flair, you'll get 20% more points.

  • When your giveaway is done, edit the post to say it's done, who won and send us a modmail. Don't forget to include a link to your finished giveaway!

  • If you get gifted, consider making a post thanking them.

  • If you win a giveaway, send the host your trade offer link.

  • A moderator will flair your thread for you.

  • Please message modmail when your giveaway is over so that we can change your flair.

  • User flair will be given after you've finished a giveaway.

  • Points are awarded 1 for every 10c of value you give away. If you're doing a giveaway only for flaired people, you'll get 20% more points.

  • You will not be awarded points if you do not put the wear of the skin you're giving away or if you don't send us a modmail after your giveaway is done.

  • No extra points are awarded for skins that have add-ons such as stickers or name tags. Points are awarded strictly on the value of the skin itself.

Flair Types
  • 1-9 points: White Present Flair

  • 10-24 points: Blue Present Flair
  • 25-49 points: Yellow Present Flair
  • 50-99 points: Green Present Flair
  • 100-499 points: Red Present Flair
  • 500-999 points: Purple Present Flair
  • 1000+ points: Choose your own flair! Give the moderator team a 16x16 image you want as your flair and we'll set it for you.

High Scores
  • #1: danknissan with 17500 points and counting!

  • #2: thegenuinebuzz with 13380 points!

  • #3: I_AM_YOUR_MOTHERR with 12129 points!

  • #4: PunCakess with 4339 points!

  • #5: charredgrass with 3216 points!

  • ∞: CrunchFlakes with 2800 points!

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In memory of /u/CrunchFlakes, one of our top gifters of all time.

Big thanks to /r/RandomActsofTF2 for inspiring this subreddit!

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