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Rape Counseling: for care and support of survivors of sexualized violence.

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RapeCounseling is dedicated to providing emotional support to those who have experienced rape or any type of sexualized violence.

Commenters may be survivors, professionals, or simply kind-hearted and knowledgeable people who care. Under no circumstances should advice in RapeCounseling be considered professional or legal advice.

We are a proud member of the Fempire.

Please note: While this is a safe space and the mods do their best to patrol posts to remove harmful content, RapeCounseling is a public subreddit. All posts and comments can be seen by anyone visiting this sub. If you see any questionable comments, please use the report button. It's invaluable to alerting us quickly that there is a potential problem.

Do NOT PM posters under any circumstances, unless explicitly invited by the poster themselves. Doing so is a bannable offense!

You can find local crisis centers here (or here for centers in Canada). Victim advocates will often be the best and most immediate resource to direct you to the correct medical facilities, inform you of your rights, and stay with your through the experience if you need.

If you are seeking psychotherapy outside a crisis situation, both HelpPRO and Good Therapy are referral sources that can help you find someone in your area. This is provided as a resource and is not an endorsement for any professionals using those sites.

Websites offering support and recovery:

RAINN - Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

Hot Peaches-an international directory of support services

Pandora's Aquarium and After Silence are other active online support groups to consider.

MaleSurvivor and 1in6 are sites with information and support for males who have experienced molestation. MenGetRapedToo is a Reddit sub dedicated to male survivors.

A free downloadable book for survivors, with resources from author and researcher Matt Atkinson: Resurrection After Rape - Please do buy the book if you can afford, as proceeds go to keeping it free for those who can't.

To clarify, Rape: Definition

Friend or family of someone who has experienced rape, abuse, molestation? Take a look at RAINN and Pandora for tips and links for secondary survivors.

Other subreddits that might be helpful:

/r/rape Our sister subreddit and also a supportive, caring space for survivors and victims.

/r/afterthesilence For people healing from sexual assault.

/r/BodilyAutonomy For issues related to body autonomy and integrity.

/r/BPD for Borderline Personality Disorder.


/r/DPDR] for experiencing Depersonalization & De-realization.

/r/helpmecope for general discussion.

/r/mengetrapedtoo for male survivors.

/r/MensLib is a pro-feminist men's support forum.

/r/MSTsurvivors for survivors of sexual trauma and abuse in the military.

/r/pandys The Pandora's Aquarium subreddit.


/r/secondary_survivors) for friends, family and significant others.



/r/titleix for resources related to collegiate and campus sexual assault incidents, and how to respond to them through legal means.

/r/traumatoolbox Grounding skills and other mental health tools to help you cope.

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