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woofe woofe whats for lunch haha

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This is a subreddit devoted to cute little animols such as puppers, cates and turtles if you have some cute turtles post other animols if you want to ok

RULES^link ^to ^the ^rules ^section ^of ^the ^wiki

I. Try not to repost. ^read ^this ^post ^for ^more ^information

II. Keep titles short and sweet

III. OC is encouraged

IV. Gifs of the small animols are also encouraged

V. Be kind please

VI. spelling mistakes are allowed :\^)

VII. do not swear, use heck as a replacement for every swear thank you

VIII. no overt politics

IX. no asking for upvotes or "comment now or ... will happen" posts

X. no "adult content" such as references to sexual content, drugs or illegal activity

XI. join our discord channel [not compulsory but its still cool if you do]

This subreddit stands against hate speech

TERMINOLOGY^link ^to ^our ^wiki

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pupper of the month: /u/HopeSandoval for January 2016.

post of the month: /u/PetYourFears with "Boy is so gud he becoms T R A N S C E N D A N T" for November 2016.

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