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2017 AFC North Standings

No.|Team|Record|Div :--:|:--|:--|:-- 1| Pittsburgh Steelers|13-3-0|5-0 2| Baltimore Ravens|9-7-0|3-3 3| Cincinnati Bengals|7-9-0|3-3 4| Cleveland Browns|0-16-0|0-6

2018 NFL Draft Order

Pos|Team :--:|:-- 1| Cleveland Browns 2| New York Giants 3| Indianapolis Colts 4| Houston Texans 5| Denver Broncos 6| New York Jets 7| Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8| Chicago Bears 9| San Fransisco 49ers 10| Oakland Raiders 11| Miami Dolphins 12| Cincinnati Bengals 13| Washington Redskins 14| Green Bay Packers 15| Arizona Cardinals 16| Baltimore Ravens 17| San Diego Chargers 18| Seattle Seahawks 19| Dallas Cowboys 20| Detroit Lions 21| Buffalo Bills 22| Kansas City Chiefs 23| Los Angeles Rams 24| Carolina Panthers 25| Tennessee Titans 26| Atlanta Falcons 27| New Orleans Saints 28| Pittsburgh Steelers 29| Jacksonville Jaguars 30| Minnesota Vikings 31| New England Patriots 32| Philadelphia Eagles

^(* - picks 21-32 will be determined by playoff results)

2018 Schedule

Home|Away :--|:-- Denver Broncos|Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints|Carolina Panthers Oakland Raiders|Kansas City Chiefs Tampa Bay Buccaneers|Los Angeles Chargers Buffalo Bills|Tennessee Titans

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