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RollerCoaster Tycoon

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RCT Classic now available on Mobile!
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Need help? Read the [Help] General sticky.


More in-depth rules, including explanations can be found here.

Please Do Post:

Your own content.

Your own streams and Let's Plays. Keep reddit's self-promotion rules in mind.

Feedback and advice to users looking for it.

News about RCT games.

Please Don't Post:

Advice Animals or Memes.

  • Post those to /r/rctcirclejerk instead.

Links to pirated versions of the games.

Help posts outside of the stickied Help General thread.

Low-effort content. This includes:

  • Murdercoasters.

  • Rides named for guest reactions.

  • Rides with outrageous intensity/nausea ratings and nothing else.

  • Ride statistics without context.

  • TIL and PSA posts.

Non-RCT content. This includes:

  • Content titled or captioned to be RCT-related.

  • Real-life coasters and theme parks.

About non-RCT games. (Exceptions may be made for new releases.)

Physical objects like pinball machines and boardgames.


Still need help? Check the WIKI for more information.

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