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Welcome to RecordThis!

Click here to listen to our special audio greeting!

Posting Guidelines:

We do not permit unpaid, gratis or pro-bono requests. A minimum payment of five dollars or equivalent good/service is required.

If you absolutely cannot spare anything in return for the work being done for you, we do have a free request thread every weekend.

Requester Etiquette.

Click here for suggested market rates.

When a request has been fulfilled, please use the available link flair to mark your post as Completed.


Please preface the title of your post with one of the tags below so it's easy to identify:

[REQUEST] - If you are seeking voice talent or audio work, submit a new text post with the [REQUEST] tag. Please be as detailed in your request as possible.

[OFFER] - If you are a voice talent or audio engineer willing to offer your services to fellow Redditors, submit a new text post telling us about yourself.

[FEEDBACK] - Please tag your post with this if you are posting voice work or a demo reel for critique.

[AIRCHECK] - This is a set of exercises, scripts, commercial copies, and monologues for you to practice with, record and post for critique. Beginners welcome!


Members may set their own flair. If you use one of the logos, please make the text your username on that site.

Other Resources:

Be sure to check out these related subreddit and links!


  • /r/voiceacting
  • /r/voicework
  • /r/recordfree
  • /r/recordthisforfree
  • /r/creativerecording
  • /r/acting

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