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This subreddit is for all of those recruiters and candidates who really don't get it. Post your horror stories and show us those amazing job offers!


  • Only text posts, screenshots, or archive links allowed.

  • Articles are allowed, but must be relevant. Articles meant to sell a company/product ("addicles") are spam and will be treated as such.

  • Use link flair to tag your posts.

  • If your post is lengthy, try to highlight the most humorous areas.

  • No posting of personal information.

  • It SHOULD go without saying, but no corporate spam. (You will be banned with no warning). If you come across a recruiting website that fits here, post a screenshot, not a direct link.

  • Be mindful of Reddiquette

  • Please be civil.

Please read our brief wiki if you are still wondering what types of content to post.

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