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Reddit Snoo Logos

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>Welcome to Reddit Logos!

Are you a mod and need a logo?

Ask for one.

Want to help out new subreddits?

Then subscribe.

>Request Guidelines:

  • Be the subreddit MODERATOR

  • Include subreddit LINK

(in your request not the title)

  • Please include a DESCRIPTION

(of the snoo you want not your subreddit)

  • NSFW requests are FILTERED

>Logo Guidelines: Reddit Alien "Snoo"

Neither the alien or word "reddit" has to be in it, but it generally fits in better if they are. Clever or relevant variations on the standard logo are the best.

It looks better if the background is transparent. Plus this allows for custom themes and changing your header's color.

We suggest saving the logo as a PNG with RGB/sRGB, since this allows for transparency, lossless quality and helps GIMP users.

The default size is 120x40px, but you can make it bigger or smaller if you like. Logos which are too big may make your header too tall.

Wanna customize your own logo? Download Reddit Vector Pack!

Too Lazy? Mooch off Pineapplecharm's Logo Archive

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