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Non-Romantic Infidelity
Personal issues
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For relationships, personal issues, dating, crushes, exes, breakups, infidelity and any aspect of Relationships Ask a Relationship Question /r/relationships/

Or, Message The Moderators for all other information.

> /r/Relationships is a subreddit for asking specific questions about your relationship.

> Post anything that is relevant to your current relationship that you want to discuss. Make sure that it's a question, which will invite answers and offerings.

Rules for posting to /r/Relationships

  • This sub is about helping people in need - If you are not providing such help (i.e. abuse, jokes, meta arguments, fighting with other posters, pointless tangents), your comments may be removed. Please report comments that you feel are in violation of these guidelines to keep discussions constructive.

  • At any time mods may remove or refer posts to other subs as we deem appropriate, and our decisions are final.

Please read the Wiki before posting or commenting.

  • Ages, genders and relationship length required!
  • Spelling, grammar, and readability count!
  • Include a TL;DR! - a brief summary at the end of your post. No "See title".**
  • First person posts only.
  • No gift or activity questions.
  • No general/meta questions.
  • No polling questions or "opinion gathering"
  • No questions directed at a single gender.
  • No photos, links, or videos
  • Please don't feed the trolls or request proof. Use the report button instead!
  • Do not repost removed material
  • Posts that are removed by the AutoModerator that are missing information submitted for approval will not be considered unless you use the link explaining what was wrong with the post. The only exceptions are posts that were removed by actual humans for missing information.
  • Do not request personal info, including pics.
  • No agendas
  • Crossposting to other subreddits will result in an instaban.
  • No politics!
  • Do not encourage violence or criminal behavior, even as a joke. It's an instant ban. Also against reddit rules.
  • Do not mention upvotes or downvotes. We do not allow vote manipulation.
  • Be respectful at all times.
  • It's nice if you tell people that are giving you advice, "thank you."
  • Creative writing projects and trolls are not welcome.
  • Most importantly, abuse, bigotry, misogyny, misandry, racism, homophobia, gendered slurs, agendas and encouraging violence are not tolerated in our community and will result in a ban. Don't be rude.
  • Assign proper flair
  • Relationships -issues in ongoing romantic relationships
  • Infidelity -issues of actual cheating ON YOU that you have evidence for
  • Breakups -immediate issues surrounding a break up.
  • Dating -new people in your life, crushes, unclear relationships, or things shorter than 1 month
  • Updates -"UPDATE" needs to be in the title. Link to the previous post, which cannot be deleted or removed. Original post cannot be on the front page or within 48 hours. The update needs to be about the solution. One update only.
  • Personal issues -internal problems and behaviors that cause you problems in relationships
  • Non-Romantic -issues with family or friends.

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