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Welcome to /r/Religion!

POLICY IN EFFECT: We're tightening down hard on spam and trolls with automod. Many posts will need to be approved manually; if your post isn't showing up, just shoot us a message. We're committed to respecting a wide diversity of opinions and viewpoints, but not ads, trolls, self-promotion, or bigotry.

This is a subreddit for matters concerning all religions and topics involving them. It is a place for open-minded discussions on all sides of every topic. Feel free to post any interesting articles, pictures, blogs, videos, etc, or simply start an open discussion. The more discussions the better.

Rules in a Nutshell:

  1. This subreddit is for theological discussions of religion, not devotionals, marketing, proselytizing, or demonizing.

  2. Please use common courtesy in the spirit of promoting peace between all people from all walks of life.

Upcoming AMAs

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If you would like to do an AMA for your own faith, you can schedule one with the mods or simply post one at your convenience.


The FAQ on religion is here.

/r/Religion has just a brief overview of many different religions and philosophies. It desperately need more information. Try to make it better by adding onto it. Also, if you see a mistake, please change it.

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