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Research Chemicals Discussion - Strictly no Sourcing

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> #Rules (link) >As with any community (online or offline) you MUST read the rules before participating. > > Any drug requesting, discussion of, or linking to vendors (for any reason) is prohibited. This includes links to legal drug vendors as well as PM requests. If you're mentioning a source in your comment/post, you're breaking the sourcing rule. > > If you notice sourcing, unpleasantness or anything else out of place, please use the report button under the offending post. >

> #About > A dedicated subreddit for the discussion of psychoactive synthetic research chemicals. > > Experience reports are highly encouraged. Check out Erowid for examples. If you find a great experience report on Erowid and want to post a link, that's also welcome. > >Do also check out Psychonaut Wiki and Tripsit. Both are superb resources on novel compounds.

> #Discussion threads > * 2-DPMP (Desoxypipradrol), Diphenylprolinol (D2PM) and Pipradrol > * Arylcyclohexylamines (2'-Oxo-PCE, 3-HO-PCP, 3-MeO-PCE, 3-MeO-PCP, 3-MeO-PCMo, Deschloroketamine & 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine etc.) > * Lysergamides (AL-LAD, LSZ, 1P-LSD, ALD-52, ETH-LAD, 1P-ETH-LAD & LSM-775) > * Benzodiazepines (Etizolam, Diclazepam, Clonazolam, Flubromazolam, Flunitrazolam, Pyrazolam etc.) > * Stimulants (Amphetamines, Phenmetrazines, Cathinones, Pyrrolidinophenones, Methylphenidate analogues etc.) > * Cannabinoids (JWHs, THJs, PINACAs, CHMINACAs, FUBINACAs etc.) > * Tryptamines (4-AcO-DMT, 4-HO-MET, 5-MeO-MiPT, DPT etc.) > * Opioids (U-47700, O-Desmethyltramadol, Butyrfentanyl etc.) > * Empathogens (4-FA, 6-APB, MDAI etc.)

> #Other great subreddits > > /r/Drugs > > /r/askdrugs > > /r/ReagentTesting > > /r/stims > > /r/noids > > /r/drugstashes > > /r/drugsarebeautiful > > /r/ResearchRecovery

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