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Resident Evil

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🚨 General rules

Stay on-topic, and be sure to maintain proper Reddiquette at all times.

If you're posting spoilers for games other than Resident Evil 7, do it like this:

[There are zombies](/spoiler)

That'll look like this: There are zombies

Message a mod if you have any questions about the rules!

📹 Let's Plays, streams, and gameplay videos

If a new official gameplay video or trailer is released, and nobody has posted it yet, go ahead. But, otherwise:

  1. Only make 1 post per topic, if you need to submit a multi-part video, post the second video in the comments of the first post.

  2. Within 15 minutes of submission, you must make a top-level comment with a description of the video/stream. The description should include at least 200 characters.

Failure to follow these rules could lead to the post being removed/the poster being banned. You can find the rules for these on the submission page. Follow them, or your submission will be removed and you'll feel so embarrassed

📅 Upcoming releases

🎮 Resident Evil 2: Remake

☣  Platform(s) unknown
🕒 Release date unknown

👻 Discord server

If you want to discuss Resident Evil with the spoken voice (or the typed IM) why not visit the Resident Evil Discord server?

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