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Resident Evil

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RE7: Banned Footage Vol. 1 Get the highest score you can in Nightmare (or Night Terror) without using mêlée weapons! 8 April 2017

☣ Resident Evil 7 spoilers

Our spoiler policy is temporarily very strict, and geared towards controlling spoilers for Resident Evil 7.

We are aiming to maintain an environment where visitors can avoid spoilers simply by avoiding those submissions marked with "SPOILERS"!

Please be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules, as described in this announcement, before posting or commenting.

🚨 General rules

Stay on-topic, and be sure to maintain proper Reddiquette at all times.

If you're posting spoilers for games other than Resident Evil 7, do it like this:

[There are zombies](/spoiler)

That'll look like this: There are zombies

Message a mod if you have any questions about the rules!

📹 Let's Plays, streams, and gameplay videos

You can find the rules for these on the submission page. Follow them, or your submission will ~~become a pachinko machine~~ be removed and you'll feel so embarrassed

📅 Upcoming releases

🎮 Not a Hero

☣  Resident Evil 7 free DLC
🕒 Spring 2017
💻 Developed by Capcom

🎥 Resident Evil: Vendetta

🕒 27 May 2017 🗾 Japan
🕒 19 June 2017 🌎 North America:
    One-night-only cinema release
☣  CGI movie
📣 Produced by Marza Animation Planet

🎮 Resident Evil: Revelations

🕒 Autumn 2017
☣  PS4/XB1 physical & digital port
💻 Developed by Capcom

🎮 Resident Evil 2: Remake

🕒 Release date unknown
☣  Platform(s) unknown
💻 Developed by Capcom

👻 Discord server

If you want to discuss Resident Evil with the spoken voice (or the typed IM) why not visit the Resident Evil Discord server?

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