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A respect thread is a post filled with the greatest feats of a character for the purpose of analyzing and reviewing a character's abilities and proving to others the level of respect they deserve. Respect Threads should be clear, concise, and accurate.



Rules have been Updated! Read the full version in the wiki!

  1. Posts must contain pictures, clips, citations, or other relevant media along with information explaining the feat.

  2. State which version of the character and what series they are from in your title.

  3. You may repost 1 respect thread per day (7 per week). Characters in ongoing series should be reposted as necessary

  4. Be polite and don't downvote.

  5. Do not use wikis for a source for feats.

  6. Make sure a character has not been reserved before you make a respect thread.

  7. To make a reservation reply with: I am reserving "character" from "series" and "the category they belong in". No more than 5 reservations at a time.




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