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Retro Gaming: Gaming in the 70s, 80s, and 90s

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Retro Subreddit Spotlight: /r/nesclassicmods






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Welcome to \/r/RetroGaming!

This subreddit is for those of us who still love the golden-age of video games, before it was all about the graphics.

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Our Podcast

This subreddit frequently hosts a podcast centered around special guests, goings on in the community, and current events. For more information check out the wiki page.

Not Quite Retro

Posts about 6th generation consoles, last generation's handhelds, or modern indie games in a retro style might best fit in the following subs.

  • /r/Dreamcast

  • /r/PS2

  • /r/OriginalXbox

  • /r/Gamecube

  • /r/nds

  • /r/PSP

  • /r/IndieGaming


Self-Promotion Rules

It's perfectly okay to post your YouTube video, blog, or kickstarter here. Your content is welcome. (No live streams, though.) However, we ask that your self promotional content not be more than around 10 percent of your total posts. For more information please Reddit's self-promotion rules here.

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Shout Outs

  • Thank you to /u/CrypticCraig for cleaning up our snoo! And to /u/Throwaway_4_opinions for creating it!

  • The Goonies II may very well be the best NES game ever.

    Check out /r/Goonies2

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