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Reverse Animal Rescue

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Welcome to Reverse Animal Rescue!

Please use the following links to filter out tags.

Cat Deer

Fox Dog

Human Other

You can use these links to make youtube videos into gifs:

(Longer youtube videos take longer to process!)

The recommended way to reverse a GIF is to use, as when uploading with a URL there seems to be no file size limit, however it does seem to have issues with the gif being distorted with random coloured pixels, if this happens then use (File size limit of 20Mb).

The best option however is to use video editing software, however this is not available to everyone, if you would like someone with the needed software to reverae a gif for you, then submit a source to the request thread and it's likely that someone with the right software may answer your call.


Please host from either Imgur or Gfycat


  1. Content submitted here needs to be in gif form and of animal/human rescues that have been reversed.

  2. The obvious ones:

a. Don't be an asshole in general

b. No witch hunting

c. No vote brigading/self promotion

  1. We DO NOT accept real animal cruelty, the content has to be reversed rescues not animals actually being hurt/abused

  2. DO NOT repost any content from this subreddit that was posted here within the last 6 months or is one of the top 20 posts on this subreddit, it will be removed. Always check that what you are posting isn't one of the top 20 or been posted in the last 6 months.

  3. Please stick to the preferred sites for submissions, we will accept other sites as long as they are not blog sites/spam or ad filled sites.

  4. Please use the NSFW tag where necessary, anything NSFW on this subreddit may go under scrutiny by mods to make sure it is not overly gory/weird.

  5. When possible try to post the original GIF in the comments and give credit to the original poster. (Optional)

  6. Please mark reposts from other subreddits with (x-post r/[Insert subreddit here])

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