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This is the subreddit for fans of Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland's animated series Rick and Morty on [adult swim]

Everyone! We are officially discussing the comics finally. Go buy them, read them, love them.

Official Rick and Morty shirts here at ZenMonkeyStudios, and here from Ripple Junction.


Rick and Morty Chat - Chat with other Rick and Morty fans from a computer or smartphone. Occasionally, R&M staff stops by!

/r/rickandmorty Discord - 100 years rick and morty chat wwwdiscord.morty100yearsrickandmorty dot com rick and morty forever 100 years

The Lounge - Discord Server - chat with people who like other TV shows.

Community Rules

1. Follow reddiquette when posting. Spammers will be treated like bureaucrats - we don't respect them!

2. This is a semi-official community where the R&M crew and creators often contribute.

3. No Puffy Vaginas. (Porn)

4. Posts should be relevant to Rick and Morty.

5. Blatantly lazy, karma-whoring and irrelevant posts are now DISQUALIFIED and will be removed at the Council's discretion.

6. This is a politically neutral subreddit. Political Discussion is DISQUALIFIED.

7. Posting Disqualified content:


a. Pictures of a label or sign with "Two Brothers", or any other reference to the show on it (Common examples include: Tiny Food/Lil' Bits, "Fake Doors, etc). Unless it is particularly interesting or original it will be removed. At the very least we'll flag it as a shitpost.

b. Posting content that's totally irrelevant to R&M with a quote or reference from the show as the title.

c. Screencaps from the show with a quote as the title.

d. Screenshots of people mentioning Rick and Morty on Reddit comment threads, Facebook, Twitter, Text, etc.

Unless they are particularly funny or original these posts usually don't contribute anything and just clutter up the feed.

Break the cycle. Rise above the shitposts, OP. Focus on Original Content.

8. Posts including personal information will be removed.

9. No links to leaked content! Posting leaks will result in a ban.

  • That includes images, gifs, episodes or streaming/torrent sites. Don't be a Jerry.

10. False Season 3 announcement dates will be removed

Please tag any spoilers!

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