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>###Welcome! Welcome to the official subreddit for CW & Netflix's Riverdale. Anybody is welcome to comment about anything related to the show!


>###Subreddit Rules Don't put spoilers in your submission titles. If your post contains a spoiler, please write 'spoiler' in the title. Any future content (e.g. castings, news, plots) must be labeled as a spoiler. Content without any significant commentary related to Riverdale may be removed. Keep the comments civil and the content legal. Links to illegally hosted content will be removed. This includes links to illegally hosted content, irregular streaming websites, & torrents. Strictly no NSFW content unless it is directly from an episode of the show. As of right now, no more articles, posts, pictures, anything that relate to in real life shipping. This also include in the comments as well as posting riverdale pictures/clips and discussing the real life shipping in the comments. Be civil. Don't be a bully.



>Please remember to mark all comments spoilers.

>[Betty is blonde](/spoiler)

>It'll show up like: Betty is blonde


>###Episode Discussions

>Riverdale Discord

>S01E01 "The River's Edge"

>S01E02 "A Touch of Evil", Post Episode

>S01E03 "Body Double", Post Episode

>S01E04 "The Last Picture Show", Post Episode

>S01E05 "Heart of Darkness", Post Episode

>S01E06 "Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!", Post Episode

>S01E07 "In a Lonely Place", Post Episode

>S01E08 "The Outsiders", Post Episode

>S01E09 "La Grande Illusion", Post Episode

>S01E10 "The Lost Weekend', Post Episode

>S01E11 "To Riverdale and Back Again", Post Episode

>S01E12 "Anatomy of a Murder", Post Episode

>S01E13 "The Sweet Hereafter", Post Episode


>###Resources Watch on the CW | Watch on Netflix | Riverdale Spotify playlist | /r/Riverdale Wiki


>###Related Subreddits Archie Comics | iZombie on CW | Jane the Virgin on CW | The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

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