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Rupaul's Drag Race Fan Subreddit

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Rupaul's Drag Race subreddit!

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  1. All opinions are welcome! Try not to downvote your sister just because she thinks [insert Queen here] should have been top 3 and you don't.

  2. We will be leaving the upvote/downvote system do it's job, as YOU are the curators of your own content. If you don't want to see a post, downvote it. If something you downvoted made its way to the top, it's because collectively the group wanted to see it. Spamming with non-creative content (for example, screen shots of edited wikipedia articles) is strongly discouraged. Buying and selling items (including tickets to events) is not allowed. Posts that link to Gofundme, Patreon, Kickstarter etc are not allowed unless it's specifically created by a RPDR queen to raise funds for their own drag related projects. Reposts will be removed to keep the sub organized. Any posts that are unrelated to RPDR or the queens of RPDR, will be deleted. This includes drama from other subs. This sub is for RPDR discussion.

  3. Follow reddiquette. Meaning that if you say something blatantly racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc your comment will be instantly removed. Same goes for obvious trolling and spamming. If you have a history with this sub's moderators having to remove your comments/posts due to direct hate speech/spam, you will be banned. We'll warn you why you may be banned before it happens and we will explain why something was removed. Our goal is to keep r/rpdragrace fun while also being a safe space for all our sisters. Use the report button if it seems we missed something.

  4. NSFW content is fine as long as it's marked. Please don't share NSFW pictures the queens didn't share with the public. For example, their Grindr profile pic is fine but private pictures they sent you during conversations is not okay.

  5. Sharing illegal viewing methods (i.e. streaming sites, torrents) is against reddit's rules so it's against ours too.

  6. Spoilers in titles are never allowed. Spoilers in comments (outside of spoiler threads) should be behind a spoiler tag. The spoiler tags rule for an episode will be active/necessary up until 48hrs after it airs.

Spoiler Comments:

We have a variety of spoiler tags you can use:

  • /spoiler

  • /s

  • "#"spoiler

  • "#"s

If done correctly, you'll see: "Fuck my pussy with a rake mom"

Useful Links:

A list of all the LSFYL songs

Paris is Burning on Youtube

Drag Queen event dates

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