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rule 34

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Subreddit Rules ( Hover )

I. Properly title & format your post.

  • Include every character's name in the title.
  • If the artist's name is visible on the art or you know who it is include the artist's name in (circle brackets).
  • Include the series name the character(s) are from in [square brackets].
  • Full details wiki.

II. Properly link flair your post.

  • A Link Flair is a tag that you must assign a post after you've uploaded it.
  • After you post your content, simply select flair and pick from the drop down menu. flair is located after un-nsfw & report buttons.
  • Do not write what flair it is in the title.
  • Full details wiki.

III. No random / miscellaneous dumps.

  • No more image dumps of random Rule34.
  • Every single post needs to follow the above rules.
  • If you have a collection from a single artist, you still need to post them separately.
  • Only those albums are allowed that are from the same series, of the same character, by the same artist in the same set.
  • Full details wiki.

IV. No Child Porn.

V. No Repost before 120 days.

  • Check via search bar before posting.
  • Sort by new & go through all posts going back 4 months.
  • Full details wiki.

VI. Limit of 10 posts per day.

Additional Guidelines

Unspoken rules

  • First post must be Rule34 and not a request.
  • Use the search bar before making a request.
  • Ask before posting sketchy things.
  • No Spam. Posts to things that redirect, or to albums with spam links in the comments are disallowed.
  • Rehost your content when needed.
  • Not all porn is rule 34.
  • Click here for full details.

Extensive details for LINK FLAIR.

Link Flair Categories


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3/13/18 Rules Updated | Repost time & formatting your post.

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