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Subreddit Rules ( Hover for details)

I. Properly title & format your post.

  • Going forward everyone will now need to properly title their posts.
  • A mod / automod will check and remove all irregular titled posts for wrong formatting.
  • Include every character name in the title.
  • Include the series name the character(s) are from in square brackets i.e [ ].
  • Put artist name in circle brackets i.e ( ) if you have it. OPTIONAL
  • Here is the link to the wiki for full details.

II. Properly link flair your post.

  • A Link Flair is a tag that you can assign a post after you've uploaded it. It helps categorize your post.
  • After you post your content, simply select flair and pick from the drop down menu. flair is located after un-nsfw & report buttons. Do not write what flair it is in the title. This will get your post removed.
  • Here is the link to the wiki for full details.

III. No random / miscellaneous dumps.

  • No more image dumps of random Rule34.
  • Every single post needs to follow the above rules.
  • If you have a collection from a single artist, you still need to put all the characters names in the title.
  • Or break up your album to smaller ones.

IV. No CP.

  • CP stands for child porn.
  • We take this matter extremely seriously.
  • If a character looks like a child or under 18, we consider it CP according to United States Criminal Code: Title 18, 1466A.
  • All CP will be immediately removed and user permanently banned. There is no appeal.
  • Here is the link to the post for full details.

V. Rehost your images.

  • Reddit AI doesn't like some porn sites (for good reason) so rehost your images when needed.
  • Here is the link to some image tools

Link Flair

  There are now 11 types of link flair.

| Link Flair |   Meaning of Tag| |---|---| |  | Original Content | |  | Original Edit | |  | Album In Comments | |  | Source In Comments | |  | Gfycat, gifv, HTML5 | |  | Video link | |  | Cosplay| |  | Request Threads | |  | Interactive GAMEs | |  | Real Rule 34 content |  | COMIC / panel / pages |

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