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Rule 34 Pinups

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/r/rule34pinups was created to give rule 34 aficionados a place to share high quality, classy pinups based on your favorite characters. The theory behind this subreddit is that your parents could stumble across them and not be too creeped out by the fact that you're looking at adult drawings of, say, Wonder Woman.

/r/rule34pinups also isn't limited to pinups of female characters, either. All characters are welcome assuming they conform to the rules.


1) Absolutely no loli (children). This should be obvious. Grown up versions of child characters are OK. Example

2) No hardcore images. Includes masturbating, fellatio, cunnilingus, sex, etc. We have /r/rule34 for that.

3) While being an NSFW subreddit, please keep full nudity to a tasteful minimum. In short, we’re aiming for pinups, not softcore porn. If you couldn’t see Bettie Page doing a pose, then it doesn’t belong here.

3A) Visible breasts and nipples are good, assuming the image is more sultry than just exposed breasts. Good Example, Bad Example

3B) Visible yet discrete cameltoes\vaginas are OK. Example

3C) Bush or pubic hair is also OK, and can be used to soften the impact of 3B. Example

3D) Visible yet discrete bulges\dicks are OK. Example

3E) You're more than welcome to post fully nude or hardcore versions of the image in the comments.

GOOD: Harley Quinn, Cortana, Velma Dinkley

BAD: Harley Quinn, Cortana, Velma Dinkley

If, after reading the rules, you’re still hazy on what we’re going for, go check out our friends at /r/pinup to get an idea of what we want!

5) Animal characters must be anthro. Example 1 Example 2

6) Cosplay is not permitted. While there is a serious wealth of high-quality pinup cosplays on the web (a lot of which we enjoy), we do not want to inadvertently take traffic away from other specialized subs such as /r/cosplaygirls or /r/nsfwcosplay. Feel free to submit your findings there!

7) When possible, try to credit the author of the image by including an [AUTHOR] tag in the title. If you are unaware of the author, or are posting multiple images, you can use either an [UNKNOWN] or [GALLERY] tag.

8) While not against the rules, please try to post galleries of characters and not of franchises or groups.

9) Each pin up must be a single image. There can be multiple panels within the image showing different views, but the image should be taken from a single point in time. Remember, a pin up is traditionally a stand alone picture, and not a comic. If you're interested in comics, check out /r/rule34_comics.

10) Final say on whether or not an image fits into the spirit of the subreddit falls to the moderators.


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