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>#ЕАЭС > Eurasian Economic Union > Belarus > Kazakhstan > Kyrgyzstan > Armenia


>##Rule 1: Do not start personal attacks. >> Follow reddiquette. Do not initiate personal attacks. If a personal attack was initiated against you and you respond in kind, your comment may still be removed, however you will not be considered as having broken this rule. Please report incivility, personal attacks, or harassment you see or experience. A single act of severe incivility could result in a ban, such as a single episode of extreme verbal abuse or profanity directed at another contributor, or a threat against another person.

>##Rule 2: No false accusations, no false statements. >> Do not post false statements. Statements that cause harm and are without proof or solid evidence may be removed. Harm means any injury, loss or damage.

>##Rule 3: Use English, Russian or translated links. >> Keep content in either English or Russian. Translated links into Russian or English are allowed.

>##Rule 4: No trolling, spamming,inciting physical violence >> You will be permanently banned without prior warning for systematic trolling and spamming, or incitement of physical violence causing property damage or injury to others, irrational hatred or hostility to or prejudice against Russia or Russians (russophobia), promoting the idea of collapse of Russia, subhuman treatment of people, enslavement and the like.

>##Rule 5: Preserve objectivity when replacing titles >> If you are replacing the title of the original link, make the new title objective.

>##Rule 6: No personal info of others without consent >> Do not post or request personal information.

>##Rule 7: No deceptive or harmful links. >> Do not post deceptive links to shock sites, malware and the like.

>##Rule 8: Vagueness, no context or off-topic post. >> Do not post submissions with vague or no context. Posts have to be relevant to Russia, former USSR members, or be in the Russian language, except in the off-topic thread.

>##Rule 9: No brigading,Only screenshot link to reddit >>Do not engage in brigading.Links to Reddit are forbidden - only screenshots are allowed. Personal information, including Reddit usernames, must always be hidden.

>##Rule 10: Multiple rules violations within 2 months >> Current policy on violations of rules : 1st and 2nd violation - deletion of the post; 3rd violation - 1 day ban; 4th violation - 1 week ban; 5th violation - 1 month ban; 6th violation - permanent ban. Rule violations will expire after 2 months(except a permaban).

>#General Guidelines > >1. Select the appropriate link flair for your submission >2. If you find a post that violates any of these rules please click report under the post and leave a comment as to what rule it breaks. >3. If you wish to ask a question, please use the search tool first, it may have already been answered >4. Please try your best to post non-mobile links. Mobile phones force content to mobile by default, desktops do not force content to desktop by default >5. Во время инфо-войн >6. Do not hesitate to message the mods in general if you have any comments, questions, or concerns

>#Links > >1. The Russian Government >2. Government of the Russian Federation >3. Dmitry Medvedev

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~~СОЛОВЬЁВ Евгений Васильевич (1931 - 2009) - Лаборантка 1960~~

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