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Русский Реддит -- Russian Reddit

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Welcome to /r/Russian, a subreddit for people looking to learn Russian and discussion of the Russian language and culture. Though users are welcome to speak Russian, most discussions are in English.

Looking to learn Russian? Check out our Wiki, which can be accessed HERE.

Join the official WhatsApp group by messaging +79787064535! Please introduce yourself first!

The official Discord server for /r/russian is available to join at



You are welcome to post:

  • Translation requests
  • To get help learning
  • Questions about resources and materials.
  • Links to articles, video or discussion if it relates to the Russian language - culture is also acceptable

Do not:

  • Make posts of a political nature - there are other subs for that. This is an instant ban offence. Elaboration here.
  • Blogspam
  • Link to paid courses that aren't honest reviews
  • Harass other users

Please post links related to Russian intervention in Ukraine in /r/ukrainianconflict

Also on Reddit:

  • /r/Moscow — Moscow subreddit.
  • /r/SPb — St. Petersburg subreddit.
  • /r/ru — Реддит для русскоговорящих посетителей.
  • /r/Russia — Russia's subreddit (in English).
  • /r/RussianLessons — Lessons in Russian.
  • /r/RussianImmersion — Practise your Russian and have your mistakes corrected by the natives.
  • /r/languagelearning - For learners of any language to discuss techniques.
Chat with natives and other learners live!

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