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Sailor Moon - 美少女戦士セーラームーン

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New Subreddit Rules and CSS Update! Please Read!

Welcome to /r/SailorMoon, Reddit's unoffical Sailor Moon Subreddit! Please feel free to post Sailor Moon relevant articles, news, fan art- or anything else related to the Sailor Senshi.

Please be sure to read the rules!

The Subreddit Rules

Sailor Moon FAQ

/r/SailorMoon Rules

/r/sailormoon has a few rules we'd like you to follow while posting and participating here. Please hover over the rules below for more information.

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#1.) Respect One Another|This is super simple stuff. If you have critique on someone's fanworks- be productive about it. Don't name call. Most certainly don't use racial slurs, sexist slurs or put anyone down or harass anyone. Remember, treat others as you want to be treated. 'But he did it first' is not an appropriate defense. #2.) No Hentai/Pornography|No hentai. There's other subreddits for that if that's your thing. Long story short- if it needs to be marked NSFW- you probably shouldn't post it. Artistic nudity is allowed- at the discretion of the moderators. #3.) No Pirating/Torrents/Illegal Links|Don't post or ask about direct links to/or mention torrents/unofficial download or streaming websites. Do not post direct links to subs or dubs. Don't post direct links to MP3s. Don't post direct links to manga scans. Youtube links are okay as Youtube does it's own copyright control. #4.) Referral Links / Advertising / Selling|Referral links are not allowed, period. Advertising for Products or Services are not allowed. This includes websites such as Etsy, Redbubble, Kickstarters and similar websites where the goal is to sell your product or sell your service. If you wish to advertise that on Reddit, or target this subreddit, you will need to go through Advertisement for personal projects you just want traffic to- such as linking to your DeviantArt, A Discord You Run, a Forum you want to invite people to or show off a piece of art or writing you did, are all allowed. #5.) No Spam. What's Considered Spam?|Spam on /r/sailormoon is defined as any link not relevant to Sailor Moon. Anything else reported as 'spam' will be handled on a case by case basis as decided by the moderators and will be removed if deemed as spam. It is /generally/ of the moderator's opinion that if something is Sailor Moon related- then upvoting and downvoting by the community should determine whether it remains up top or not- which includes fan art, memes and captioned pictures. #6.) Bootlegs.|Bootlegs are allowed to be posted, as long as it's made clear that they are bootlegs and not being passed off as official merchandise. If you think it's bootleg- but are not sure, then express that in the title of the post. You should not, however, link to or mention where the bootlegs can be purchased.

If your post doesn't appear within a few minutes, it was probably caught in the spam filter. Please send a message to the mods so we can yank it out for you!

How to spoiler tag in comments:

Sailor Moon is [spoiler](#s "Usagi Tsukino")

Watch Sailor Moon Online

The Following links are legal sites to watch Sailor Moon at. Some may require a subscriptions, such as Hulu. Some do not.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Crunchy Roll


Viz Media


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