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Same Species

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New subreddit as of May 2016 for pictures, gifs and videos with such a height difference to make you say, "I can't believe we're the same species." (I hope someone can find/post the West Wing clip so this reference makes sense. I'll sticky it.)


  1. All content must show people 18+.

  2. There must be at least two people in the submission content, with at least one woman that shows a notable height difference with the other person.

  3. Link directly to the image. Don't post to an image on a page full of spam. Just common courtesy, really. is shockingly easy to use. Posting to a gallery on imgur is fine.

  4. If you have a source, please include in comments. If you would like to post an image of yourself, please follow the standard reddit protocol for verification-- the date & your username in the image.

  5. No racism, hatred, bigotry, or otherwise mean comments or posts allowed. Don't be mean. If you see anyone being mean, report it. I will respond in kind.

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