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America's Finest City: San Diego California.

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Our rules and guidelines are easy:

  • "Don't be a jerk" - Harassment, Trolling or Racist remarks will not be tolerated and likely result in a ban. We encourage honest, civil discussion from all points of view and dissemination of information to best serve the San Diego Community.

  • Limit posts to San Diego & related topics.

  • Suspected shill accounts may be deleted/immediately banned and reported to reddit admins upon moderators discretion (spam).

  • We restrict advertising to dedicated threads as best serves the community. Activities and events are to be posted in the "Things to do thread" that's "stickied" at the top of the sub.

  • Please first check the sidebar & search function if you are asking a question or submit a post, it has most likely been asked before or there's a dedicated sub for that topic that we've linked too. :)

  • "Low Karma / Negative Karma" accounts including "throwaway"" accounts can be blocked or banned from posting at the mods discretion.

  • If there's a question that's not covered here, please ask the moderators before posting.

Above all please exercise basic decency and "reddiquette" in the sub as well as the reddit content policy. Censorship or "agenda" promotion as well as abuse of the report button will all be grounds for banning and general distain. IF you have to resort to being underhanded then what you're doing is wrong.

Meetup Group

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City Links:

See something to alert the city of?
(potholes, hazards, illegal dumping, graffiti)

Use the "Get it Done" app from the city of SD to report and track it

Need a more graphical list of contact numbers for city issues? "We got ya fam."

SeaWorld: Animal Rescue only - direct number ( 619. 226-3900 x3893)

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