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Scaredshitless: One stop place for horror!

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Welcome to Scared Shitless!

This is the place that you won't want to visit at night. The dark, twisted side of reddit. Post stories, pictures, videos. Anything that is genuinely scary. Have fun...

Rules and Guidelines

  • We accept most posts of scary nature.
  • Post ghost stories, urban legends, creepy videos, haunting pictures, scary gifs, etc.
  • Gory pictures are fine.
  • Gifs are fine.
  • Cross-Posts are fine.
  • Screamers are fine.
  • Self-texts are fine as long as they pertain to this subreddit.
  • NO Rage Comics.
  • NO torrents. Full videos from youtube, however, are fine.
  • NO "#" videos or websites. (ex. "Top 10 craziest killers" or "3 stories that will keep you up at night")
  • NO interviews or reviews.
  • NO links to anything promotional or advertising.
  • Please use appropriate tags.
  • With the increase of Creepypasta posts, they are currently banned until further notice!
  • Submissions must be in English!

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO Read the "Rules and Guidelines" section above.
  • DO Message the Moderators if you think your post has gone in the spam file.
  • DO Report posts that you believe don't belong in this subreddit or breaks any rules.
  • DON'T Troll, spam or criticize (ex. "this sucks" or "fake"). Your post will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • DON'T Act like this is your personal subreddit made to entertain YOU!

Things To Consider

As we can't stress this enough, consider all posts NSFW unless tagged [SFW]. Unless tagged [SFW], posts may contain gore, nudity, or disturbing pictures.

There are both real and fictional horror here. Click at own risk.

This is a HORROR community. There may be graphic content that is inappropriate for viewing in certain locations. Please consider every submission NSFW until proven otherwise with a [SFW] tag.

Posts may be disturbing and scar you for life. Viewer discretion is advised

Message The Mods


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