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Submission Requirements

  1. Directly link to published peer-reviewed research articles or a brief media summary
  2. No summaries of summaries, re-hosted press releases, reviews or popular reposts (over 100 upvotes)
  3. Research must be less than 6 months old
  4. No sensationalized titles, all titles must include the model where applicable
  5. No blogspam, images, videos, infographics
  6. All submissions must be flaired and contain a link to the published article, either in the submission link or as a standalone comment.

Comment Rules

  1. On-topic. No memes/jokes/etc.
  2. No abusive/offensive/spam comments.
  3. Non-professional personal anecdotes may be removed
  4. Arguments dismissing established scientific theories must contain substantial, peer-reviewed evidence
  5. No medical advice!
  6. Repeat or flagrant offenders may be banned.

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Trending: Science AMA Series: I’m Dr. Jessica Ribeiro, a professor at Florida State University, and I’m here with NBC News MACH. I'll be answering questions about my research in using AI to predict suicide for about an hour beginning at 12:00 p.m. ET.

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