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The Science of Deduction

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A picture says a thousand words.

What can you deduce from that image? Try to pull as much information from it as you can, our mod /u/BleachFan21 will give his best shot at the end of this side bar. See if you can deduce everything he has and can you get anything he hasn't.

This subreddit is about improving your deduction skills to the point you can get a thousand words from a simple photo. The key is training your mind what to look for and the best way to do that is to practice and to read what other users have worked out from looking at the same image you have.

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  • [Mine] - These are posts that you've taken yourself and you can tell the commenters if their deductions were correct. These are normally pictures of people's rooms but it can be anything as long as you know the context behind it.

  • [NotMine] - Seen a picture you like on /r/pics? Post it here with this tag and see how much information our users can pull from it. Obviously there will be no way to prove they're correct but if they explained their workings you might be surprised how much you can pull from a seemingly random photo.

  • [Embellish] - For this gametype the users will embellish the most ridiculous conclusions they can based off the information they can pull from the photo. Is someone wearing denim shorts? Nevernude.

  • [Omitted] - Spot the difference without the before pic. Submit an image with something that would be usually there taken away. Don't get too crazy and obscure with this, it obviously has to be something that's possible to work out with only the image or general knowledge.

  • [Location] - Take a picture of yourself in some outside location and people have to deduce where you are. Don't make it too hard but don't make it too easy.

  • [Training] - Found a useful blog post that gives you tips on what to look out for, use this tag to post it here.

  • [Game] - For Flash or HTML5 games that are about observation and deduction.

  • [Meta] - Meta posts.

BleachFan21's deduction of the photo

>the first observation i made when i looked at this pic was that the man has a koala on his head. i have never seen this before so it took some out of the box thinking to work out what this koala was doing on his head. now for starters the car looks ancient and omg that fasion also looks ancient, not to mention it's on a grainy photo in 4:3 ratio (probably because it was a polaroid) so i think this photo was taken in like the 70s or whatever. koala live a max age of 18 so he's dead now, but is the human? lets find out.

>the main reason i think the human might be dead is because he's driving with a koarla on his head but if you look closely u can see hes not actually driving. i no it seems that way butt hes not! the speedometer shows he's going 0 miles per hour! no where near as fast as it takes to die from a crash. the human is most likely still alive.

>butt where did the koarla come from is what im wondering. a hjacking? never happened to me, butt maybe that depends on where u live. the driver is on the right side of the car, meaning he's driving on the left side of the road which means i deduce he's from australia! butt bleachfan21 lots of coutries drive on the left side of the road, i no butt there was another thing that made me think he was from austraila. do u no where koala's are native to? u mite of already guessed it, austrailia.

>now how did the koala get inside the car, there's a twig that seems to of falled off the koala on the humans arm butt there are no long trees around. certainly no where for this koala to jump from, butt even if there was, the window is not opened enough to fit a a koala through, not this 1 at least. if u look at the koala's ear u shuld see a green thing. wat is that green thing? i think it's a tag, this koala has been tagged by a zoo or koala looking after center. this koala did not let himself into the car he was brought into it, by who? the man only driving 0 miles an hour. if the man was jumped by this koala he would of been surprised and taken back yet we can see he's calm and in control of the situation, as is the koala. this koala was taken into the car, he was placed on this mans head and then using a poloroid camera this photo was taken! the koala is dead! the human is not.

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