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Welcome Everyone!

I ask that you be kind to one another and respect anonymity!

We're all here to get our fap on ;)

This is where I post the full album & full video versions of my content, along with other exclusive content. Like full length teasing and masturbation videos. Sometimes I even do free raffles!

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My wiki has panties, vids, & pics!

About Me
  • I like to get naked and show people anonymously online.

  • I like exploring sexually.

  • I get off knowing that other people get off to me.

  • I enjoy getting to know ALL of you!

I've met a ton of really awesome people & some life long friends through reddit. I try my best to respond to all PM's but sometimes stuff gets buried, so please don't take it personally if you haven't received a reply from me. Comments are a lot easier for me to keep track of :)

My interests include sports, nutrition, working out, and stuff related to the medical field. I really like porn. I also like talking about music, Netflix, food etc.


I put them here since they are commonly asked. I also have an AMA thread if you are so inclined to learn more about me!

Hips: ~~38.5"~~ 39" now woo!

Waist: 26"

Bust: 30DD

Height: 5'7"

Request Thread

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Beware of Fake Noodles (aka impasta's) o.0
  • Reddit (free content) & Snapchat (paid content) are the ONLY places I post.

  • I do NOT have a twitter, tumblr, instagram, skype, KIK etc.

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