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reddit Secret Santa

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What is redditgifts?

/r/secretsanta and redditgifts were started in 2009 to provide a secret santa for the reddit community. We have since expanded to many gift exchanges. Watch this TEDx video to see the history and hear about the future of redditgifts


Posts which include the following will be removed to the mods discretion:

  1. Posted by throwaways, alt accounts or on behalf of another user as we cannot investigate the issue at hand.
  2. Questions answered in the FAQ or that can only be handled by support.
  3. Complaints about gifts, Santas, or giftees. This should go through official channels rather than public shaming.
  4. Asking for one-on-one exchanges outside of redditgifts.
  5. Offering to send a gift to someone who wasn't matched or who didn't get a gift.
  6. "Gift spoilers." Let your giftee see their gift for the first time when open the box, not on /r/SecretSanta.
  7. "Dear Santa ..." if you have something to say to your Santa, that's what your likes and dislikes are for.
  8. We are a meme-free subreddit.
  9. No karma whoring.

Self promotion

Despite the closure of the marketplace, we continue to disallow self-promotion in /r/SecretSanta.

Helpful links

I have a question...

  • Have you checked the FAQ?
  • Are you looking for hi-res images to use with your gift?
  • Contacting the Moderators?
  • Please do not use a throwaway account when contacting the mods, and please include your username.
  • Missed the signups?
  • Sorry, we cannot add anyone once signups close.
  • Sign up for redditgifts now and be alerted when new exchanges are announced!
  • Is there a cost to participating?
  • No, redditgifts is free to participate. However, you are expected to send a thoughtful gift.
  • How can I support redditgifts?
  • Buy Elves, the premium subscription to redditgifts

Find us on ...

What exchanges are going on and coming up?

Check out the exchanges page for more detail on past, present, and future exchanges.

For a calendar of key dates, check out this Google Calendar we've created. Dates for future exchanges may change, but current exchanges will be correct.


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