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A forum for computer security professionals.

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This security forum is oriented towards private white hat security professionals.

  1. NO ADVERTISING. Want to share information or resources? Message The Mods to find out how! You would rather build a relationship with the /r/Security community than get banned! Please message the mods before posting links to your own projects or if you have any questions about the advertising policies

  2. NO Personally-Identifiable Information. Do not post personally-identifiable information, unless the source has consented to it. For example, authors and journalists have implied their consent to sharing their information, whereas a private individual on facebook has not

  3. Accounts must be at least 7 days old and have positive karma to post

  4. No Low effort / Poor Quality posts. Quality is paramount, so all posts must substantially contribute to the needs of the community. Please report low quality posts. Posts may be removed at moderator discretion

  5. Posts must be relevant to computer security professionals

  6. No fundamental security questions. Such questions should be asked at /r/asknetsec, which was created for that purpose

  7. SECURITY FIRST. This is the guiding principle for all posts. No editorializing and no political agendas. Posts discussing political issues that affect security are fine, but the post must be geared towards the security implication. Such posts will be heavily monitored and comments may be locked as needed

  8. Civility. We're all professionals. Be excellent to each other.

This subreddit is oriented towards computer security professionals

Need help with a computer security problem?

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Are you looking for home defense and security systems (alarms, CCTV, ect)?

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  • /r/homesurveillance
  • /r/homeautomation
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  • /r/physec/

Are you a security guard or physical security professional?

  • /r/ProtectAndServe
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Are you here to post an advertisement or spam?

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We now have a discord server for /r/security, courtesy of /u/FlyingSixtySix. Check it out and share what's on your mind.

We ask all users with a potential conflict of interest (e.g. security product manufacturers and service providers) to disclose their affiliation. This allows subscribers to ask them questions about their areas of expertise while ensuring transparency. For questions about this status or if you think that these users have violated this subreddit's policies, please message the mods. These users are:

TWAcumin of Acumin /u/andrew-cs of CrowdStrike /u/PacoDamorte of Trojan Surveillance /u/Chouma of informationsecuritybuzz (all other infosecbuzz posts are banned) /u/securitybros of (On Probation) /u/miltonsmithtr of /u/bronzeyecyber of Bronzeye Group /u/meodmt of Sic Circle /u/boroncw of In-Security /u/SafeNet of SafeNet Inc /u/RiskBlogger of RiskIQ /u/MailSharkCorp of MailShark /u/InterQuestGroup of InterQuest Group /u/svonnegut of Chexmarx /u/cymmetria of Cymmetria /u/Synology_Kristy of Synology

Please ask them questions about their areas of expertise!

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