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Self Published Writers

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A community for self-published writers to discuss the process of self-publishing, share experiences in the "industry", and read up on self-publishing news.

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[HELP] -- Use this tag when asking a specific question about a specific problem you're experiencing, and not a general question.

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Self Promotion Rules:

Due to popular demand, self promotion is now limited to specific threads, namely a weekly promotional thread. This includes posts attempting to promote your book-related service.

No [PROMO] posts are allowed

The reasoning behind this is an attempt to clear up the perceived spam from the subreddit and allow our community a chance to catch up on news and help users out.

If you'd like to promote your work, we can recommend you check out:

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  • /r/freeEBOOKS - A sub to post your free Ebooks!
  • /r/shortstories - A place to post short stories and receive feedback.
  • /r/reviewcircle - A place to look for reviewers.

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