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/r/SexyStories is a place for people to share stories that they have written or found that excite them. There is no taboo for fiction but stories claimed to be true (non-fiction) MUST fall within legal limits.
(No confessions or true crime stories.)

Only text posts are allowed here. Do not share links to images or stories in your submission. If you'd like to share the source of a story, do so in the comment section of the post. Any other links shared here, including pornography of any kind, will result in a permanent ban from this subreddit.

Original content is greatly appreciated. If you have a fantasy you've always want to live, try it though the art of the pen.

Guide for Formatting Text on Reddit

Orientation Tags

If posting a story, it is requried that you mark the story with the sexual orientations in involved (i.e. [Str8], [Bi], [Gay], [Les]).

Feel free to include other descriptions you see fit but orientation is important.

More specific orientation options:

Letter|Description :-|:- [F]|Woman [f]|Younger Woman [M]|Man [m]|Younger Man [T]|Transgender [t]|Younger Transgenger

Example: [MMF] [fm] [Ff] [MF/fmm]

(Remember: Capitalization matters.)

Optional Descriptive Tags

Tag|Description :---|:--- [anal]|Anal Sex [bd]|Bondage [bdsm]|BDSM [blkmail]|Blackmail [bst]|Beastiality [buk]|Bukkake [celeb]|Celebrity [cuck]|Cuckold [drugs]|Drug-related [exh]|Exhibitionist [fantasy]|Fantasy World [Fdom]|Female Dominant [fist]|Fisting [Fsub]|Female Submissive [huml]|Humiliation [inc]|Incest [mast]|Masturbation [Mdom]|Male Dominant [Msub]|Male Submissive [nc]|non-conesnsual [oral]|Oral Sex [preg]|Impregnation [prost]|Prostitute [reluc]|Reluctant [sci-fi]|Science Fiction [sm]|Sado Masochism [swing]|Swingers [voy]|Voyeurism

> Simple title example:

> * The Horny Hobbit [MFFf]

> Translation:

> * . . . A story which involves a man[M], two women[FF] and a younger woman[f].

> More descriptive title example:

> * The Horny Hobbit [MFFf, buk, bd, voy, fantasy]

> Translation:

> * . . . A story which takes place in a fantasy world[fantasy] involving a man[M], two women[FF] and a younger woman[f] who at some point engage in a bukkake[buk] and some bondage[bd] possibly with someone watching[voy].

These are just a small sampling of story tags. Feel free to use others or even use this list for story ideas.

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