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Sexy Time Chat

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Sexy Time Chat

This subreddit is for those seeking to engage in 1 on 1 chat with another redditor.

How it Works - no downloads required

Step 1 - visit

For Unregistered Users:

Step 2 - Click 'get a room'

Step 3 - Include the URL of the room in your post

Step 4 - Wait for someone to join and have fun

For Registered Users: you may now post just your username to receive live chat invites inside the app.

All rooms are limited to 2 persons. Guest trying to enter a full room will be denied access. A room will change from Unoccupied to Occupied if a guest is present. There are no downloads, but a modern browser is required and Javascript must be enabled.


  • All users must be 18 or older
  • Be nice. This includes refraining from using excessive vulgarity in your listings Anything goes in chat, but keep your posts here modest.
  • Do not harass others. This especially includes accusing female posters of being men. If you have proof this is the case, share with the mods, and we will remove the listing.
  • Do not link to images in your post. Save it for gw or lb.
  • Do not ask users to join you on skype, kik or any other service. The intent of the app and subreddit is to create a community, and sending users to other services undermines that effort.
  • Keep it private! That means no screen capturing.

How to Post - Please prefix your post with:

[M4W], [W4W], [M4M], [W4M], etc.

This will allow other redditors to identify who you are and who you are looking for. After the tag, add additional description as you desire... but keep it nice.

Some other good things to know

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